The Nordic UNESCO Chairs, an Overview

UNESCO headquarters Paris
The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme includes over 850 institutions in 117 countries. The idea is to to have institutions for higher education and research  addressing pressing challenges and contribute to the development of sustainable and fair societies. 

Here is an overview of the Nordic UNESCO chairs as of July 2022, with links to relevant web-sites.


UNESCO Chair in Problem-Based Learning in Engineering Education (2007), Aalborg University  ucpbl(at)

UNESCO Chair on Building Common Ground: Cultural Rights (2017), University of Copenhagen  Helle.Porsdam(at)

UNESCO Chair on Supporting Early Years Care and Education (2022), The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University fado(at)


UNESCO Chair in Global E-Learning with Applications to Multiple Domains (2002), University of Tampere, Tempere  tapio.varis(at)

UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Water Services (2012), Tampere University of Technology tapio.katko(at)

UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Literacy Learning for All (2015), University of Jyväskylä /Agora Center  heikki.j.lyytine(at)

UNESCO Chair in Learning for Transformation and Planetary Futures (2016), University of Turku markku.wilenius(a)

UNESCO Chair on Educational Ecosystems for Equity and Quality of Learning (2018), University of Helsinki   hannele.niem(at)

UNESCO Chair on Values, Dialogue and Human Rights (2018), University of Helsinki arto.j.kallioniem(at)

UNESCO Chair on Digital Platforms for Transforming Economies (2019), University of Jyväskylä  pekka.neittaanmaki(at)


UNESCO Chair on education for sustainable lifestyles (2015), Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences robert.didham(at)

UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Heritage and Environmental Management-Nature and Culture (2015), The University of Bergen Inger.Maaren(at)

UNESCO Chair on Diversity, Inclusion and Education (2021), University of Stavanger geir.skeie(at)

UNESCO Chair on Leadership, Innovation and Anticipation (2021), University of Stavanger and NIFU


UNESCO Chair in Education for Sustainable Development (2006), Chalmers University of Technology marie.arehag(at) 

UNESCO Chair in Early Childhood Education and Sustainable Development (2007), Göteborg University  ingrid.pramling(at)

UNESCO Chair in Research Management and Innovation Systems (2010), Lund University merle.jacob(at)

UNESCO Chair on Freedom of Expression, Media Development and Global Policy (2014), University of Gothenburg ulla.carlsson(at)

UNESCO Chair on International Water Cooperation (2017), Uppsala University  Ashok.Swain(at)

UNESCO Chair on Developing a Model for Large-scale Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (2017), Stockholm University  lovek(at) 

UNESCO Chair on heritage futures (2017), Linnaeus University, Växjö  cornelius.holtorf(at)

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Photo of UNESCO headquarter in Paris by Christian Mueller.

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